Rain played a part in the 2017 CAN Softball Tournament, delaying the start on both days of the opening weekend, causing rescheduling of games, shifting some things around, shortening times of games, and a lot of quick decisions from the tournament staff. The second weekend got pushed back a day by more rain, but we got it all in on that Sunday.

Between the clouds, the Pittsburgh Panthers were guided from above by Shawn Felty to complete an undefeated season and capture their first league championship! They were tested down the stretch by NC State, Notre Dame and then Virginia Tech in the Final. But nothing could stop the Panthers from their quest. Congrats to the Pittsburgh Panthers!

We had 961 participants this year, down slightly from previous years. The offensive stats were down as well, possibly due to the weather conditions. But it was a great time, as always, with lots of beer, great food, and tons of terrific people that make this event a premier event each year.

The stats provided here are the best interpretation I could make from the scoresheets provided to me. Some scorekeepers were better than others. I thank them all for giving whatever effort they volunteered to give, even if it meant that they didn’t include their name!

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